May 20th, 2012

loki troll


I should probably make some sort of introductory post with fancy pictures and such. Well, until I get around to that, here is a short list of fandoms I enjoy. :B
  • Arashi
  • JPop
  • Morning Musume
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Legend of Korra
  • Avengers (not really but I am trying okay)
  • Harry Potter
  • ONTD (we are a fandom okay don't judge me)

Apart from just fandom, I enjoy writing a lot. Unfortunately, I'm painfully shy when it comes to things I've written (which kinds of defeats the purpose tbh). I have mini break downs whenever I turn in an essay, so I'm slowly working up the courage to start posting the many things that I have written for people to read. I say slowly, but I really mean jumping ass first into it. For real, I've signed up for like 8 fests all due around the same time. Idk what's wrong with me, but no time like the present, am I right?

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