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in which there is a one room disco.

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31 October 1995
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mischief managed
for communities: hi there, this is an alternative account for my account wix_ie, which is (quite sadly) mostly abandoned, except for the occasional comment in ONTD. this is my attempt at a properly active journal (mostly because i'm getting back into writing fic again), which i have never been able to do ever. but i've been around for a while, so no worries.

for people of earth: this journal will be mostly locked, because i think people would rather read about things that pertain to their fandom and interests than how cute my cat Joey was when he rolled over just now. if you would really like to know about things like how Joey won't stop peeing on the couches, or what colour streaks I got put in my hair (purple), read on.

for potential friends: i love you :D feel free to add me, but it would be nice of you to comment on an entry or send me a message or something with where i know you from, or where you know me from. if you don't i will stalk your journal but probably be too shy to say anything first.

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